Erasmus Plus Comisia Europeana Școala Profesională Specială pentru Deficienți de Auz ”Sfânta Maria” - București, România Kleine Schule  Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno - Wychowawczy nr 2 RODAX Management Special High-school For Deaf-mute Children University Of Plovdiv
Proiect/Project GIFTED (FOR) YOU 2014-2016

Best practices to support children with high potential and to access training for gifted children with disabilities

Activities within the project

Objective 1 : Development and implementation of the “gifted” curriculum for high potential children, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities


A1. Project preparations – Management of the project -

- establishing of procedures for project implementation

- distribution of tasks

- reorganizing the Gantt diagram

- selecting the management and implementation team

- recruiting of volunteers

- creating a group on gmail

- creating the wiki page

- creating the logo

- monitoring and evaluation activities

A 2 – Project work

Meeting of the work teams in Bulgaria – establishing the curriculum

- signing of partnership agreement

- distribution of responsibilities (Bulgaria – 2, Poland– 1, Romania – 3)

A 3 – Project meeting in Poland – details about module e-learning and applications for the online platform

Adaptation of modules to the children’s needs

Exchanging experience and good practice on teaching and training methods and techniques

- stabilire structură curs de formare Bulgaria

A4 – Training courses for the “Gifted Education” team:

Psychological features of the children

The pace of learning

Facilitating access to the e-learning platform

Fast reading

The Espere method

Efficient parent-children communication

Evaluation of educational programs

Nonformal ICT learning

Developing interactive activities

Discovering aptitudes and stimulating their potential

A 5 . Implementation

Creating the modules according to age groups and type of disability

A.6. Implementation

Calibration of the battery of tests


Objective 2. Development of educational software for hearing-impaired, vision impaired and autistic children included into the “Gifted children” category after getting high scores in the testing


A.1 . Project work –

- Purchase of the batteries of tests

- Purchase of the technical equipment for the camera recording of the courses

- Recording of the courses

A2. Preparation

- Designing the platform

- Mock–up of the e-learning platform and the applications

A3. Implementation

Development of the platform – courses, tests

A4 . Follow–up

Testing, installation and configuration of the e-learning platform

A5. Follow–up

Teaching-training of 5 persons to design materials for the e-learning platform

A6. Platform maintainance

A7. Dissemination

Testing the pilot modules on groups of students in the partner schools involved in the project


Objective 3: Raising public awareness, especially among parents and educational professionals, about “Gifted pedagogy”, in order to increase access to this program of the children included in the specifics of the target group.

A1. Project work

Promotion and visibility:

- informative materials (folders, posters, brochures in English and the languages of partner countries, etc)

- Wiki page

- articles in the online /offline press

- Power point presentations

- “Gifted” tests in English

A2. Project training


- training of parents and teachers in using the e-learning platform to identify, test and evaluate children in order to discover their potential natural abilities

E2. Dissemination

International conference “Gifted Education for All”